good news, finally …

So, after a long silence and a lot of swimming, mostly against the tide, we finally got some good news today!!

As some of you know, chemotherapy has been on hold for a couple of weeks as I developed a nasty skin infection around my port which has had to heal properly before the port can be accessed again. This break gave my oncologist a chance to fit in another PET CT scan yesterday to check whether or not the current regime of chemotherapy is working effectively.

My “scanxiety” levels have been off the charts, especially after bad news we had following my PET in September, and as the report was only expected on Sunday, I was expecting to have a few anxious days but, I think the radiologist took mercy on me and I collected the report this afternoon.

The first words to jump off the page at me were “no evidence of new disease”.


It got even better though when I read on and saw that lesions in supra clavicular and mediastinal lymph nodes, right lung and bones are showing significant signs of improvement and in most cases, the lesions have shrunk considerably. The lesions around the left lung are proving to be a little more stubborn but are also showing signs of improvement.


This means that the current regime of chemotherapy is doing what it’s supposed to do and, to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results would be an understatement.

The past two months have probably been the toughest for me so far and, at times, the mountain in front of me has seemed insurmountable but, after today’s good news, I am putting on my big girl panties again and  gearing up to start the next round of chemo on Sunday “fugly” side-effects and all.

As long as the chemo is working, I don’t mind swimming against the tide for a little while longer.

Onwards and upwards x