10 down …

… 5 to go. I’m two thirds of the way through my whole brain radiation and the finish line is now firmly insight.

The last week in the swamp has been a very mixed one. I was hoping for an easier week with no chemo but unfortunately that did not happen. The side-effects from the radiation continue to kick my butt quite severely.

Early last week, I developed severe peripheral neuropathy (numbness, pins & needles & pain) on the left side of my face and the vision in my left eye deteriorated literally overnight. The neuropathy also spread quite rapidly to my left hand …surprised my iPhone is still in one piece as its spent more time on the floor than in my hand. Lastly, rather than walking, I have taken to lurching. Really not an attractive look!!

These symptoms resulted in a visit to the neurologist as both my oncologists were concerned that the sudden onset of the symptoms may signal a further spread of the metastases in the brain.

Now here comes the good news …

A CT scan showed that the 4 little beasts are stable, there is no further spread anywhere in the brain and the swelling of the brain is being well controlled by the steroids. The neurologist’s feeling is that my brain is just “pissed-off” and the peripheral neuropathy is it’s way of protesting.

More good news …

He prescribed some medication to help ease the peripheral neuropathy and said that it may also help with the steroid-related insomnia that I’ve been suffering from. I’ve started taking the medication on Wednesday night and last night I managed a full 8 hours of sleep. Absolute bonus as I haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night for the past 3 weeks. Long may it continue!

Not so great news …

My hair started falling out again yesterday in handfuls … I knew this was going to happen but was hoping to keep it for a little bit longer as I’ve been told that it can take between six and twelve months before it starts growing back after radiation.

Just hoping that it hangs in there for rest of this week to provide a little bit of scalp protection from the radiation and will then shave my head again next weekend.

I’ve always resisted getting a wig but think I might give-in and go and have a little fun choosing a new look that will get me through the next few months. Watch this space!!

I’m fully expecting the coming week to be a tough one as I am back on chemo on Sunday … but I can hope …

Always xx


4 thoughts on “10 down …

  1. Oh Di, I know you hear this all the time but you are such an inspiration, really from the bottom of my heart I admire your strength, your fight and your continued sense of humour throughout this all. I’m so happy and relieved to read the good news in your blog but most of all I love your final words …..but I can cope. Much love. 😍😘💕

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