15 down …

… khallas, finito,  sephelile, klaar, finished!!

I’d be kidding myself if I said the last three weeks have been a walk in the park … in all honesty, this treatment is probably the toughest thing I have undergone since my diagnosis in 2014.

If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit (#SayQuotable)

Sometimes, when life is moving forward normally it’s almost easy to forget that I have a terminal illness but then, at times like these, I realise how sick I really am.

But …

I may be a little broken and battered but I am still standing!

It’s going to take around three weeks for the side effects to clear and I am really looking forward getting back to normal and life pre-steroids.

My radiation oncologist is confident that the treatment will be successful but we will only know how successful in six to eight weeks when I have another brain MRI. I’m thinking nothing but positive thoughts and not letting any scanxiety sneak in.

A big thank you needs to be said to the lovely Amanda, Jo and Raxa for getting me through the last three weeks, you ladies rock and I couldn’t have done it with out you.

There are a few photos at the end of this post to give you an idea of what radiation is all about.

I’m actually quite disappointed that I am not showing any signs of developing super powers yet … maybe they will still come.

Onwards and upwards xx



4 thoughts on “15 down …

  1. Di congrats on completing your challenge with such an amazing amount of POSITIVE energy. You are my super hero, and all super hero’s have super powers, so there you go…. you do have super powers after all !!!!!. Thank you for being such an amazing person. MY HERO !!!!!


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